Gabrijel G. Princic

White Elephant


White Elephant - Concept Development and Brand Design

What is it? : An imaginary brand called the White Elephant, where people donate their unwanted gifts they received to people that don’t have a chance to be gifted at all. What I did? : Concept development and prototyping, Branding (Logo, Icons, T-shirts, Wristbands, Gift package design), Website design (UI Design in Figma), Promotional design (Instagram campaign) Background: At least once in your life you have received a gift that you didn’t actually want have you? Everybody has. And what do we usually do with those gifts? Throw them away, sell them or just keep them in the back of our closet. But I decided to make a change and make use of those gifts and create a company which would take the gifts and donate them to specific retirement homes, nursing homes and orphanages and therefore to people who might find those gifts useful and put a smile on their face in the process. With gifts that you received and don’t want to have, through White Elephant you can make a change!

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