Gabrijel G. Princic

Heinz Video Campaign


Heinz - Campaign and Advertisement Design

What is it? : Campaign Design for Heinz, executed in 3 stages What I did? : Concept development and Prototyping, Video Directing, Video Shooting and Video Editing, Website design (No prototype), Reward Design (Sticker Design) Background: Every year D&AD (Design and art Direction), a “charity” that promotes excellence in design and advertising, releases briefs targeted for design students. One of the briefs released in October 2018, was a brief written by Heinz. In short, Heinz is in 2019 celebrating their 150 years of existence. They asked designers to create a visual campaign celebrating the 150 years of Heinz, that will not only bring new people/generations into the Heinz family, but also surprise old generations, generations which are already familiar with Heinz. They asked specifically for a visual campaign using different types of media (video, Instagram, etc,..) and demanded no packaging redesigns or anything similar. You can download the whole brief here

Want to learn more about the process? Check out the process documentation here:


Stage 1 - Promotional Videos

Promotional Videos that ask people to reach out for somebody, or give that somebody a helping hand and record themselves doing so!


Stage 2, The Website

The websites explains the idea behind the videos and prompts visitors to upload their videos to the website!


Stage 3

To the people who shared their videos on the website, a rewards is given. A small sticker thanking them for making the world a slightly better place!