Gabrijel G. Princic

Czech National Trust Campaign

The Czech National Trust  promotes and supports the conservation, protection and maintenance of cultural heritage in the Czech Republic. They needed a campaign, that would increase their visibility and awareness. This campaign and the idea are only concepts they were never executed in real time.


Czech National Trust - Campaign Design

What is it? : A Campaign Design for Czech National Trust executed in 3 stages! What I did? : Concept development and prototyping, Campaign Design (Poster Design, Promotional) Background: Czech National trust, with their donations and help in renovation of old cultural heritage buildings, brings back the time of the past, that was lost and forgotten. The central part of the designed campaign, therefore evolved around the slogan: TIME GIVEN BACK!

Want to learn more? Check out the process documentation here:


STAGE 2 - Social Media

In the second stage, CNT starts the online promotion as well. They post social media teasers with the slogan: TIME OF OUR HERITAGE IS RUNNING OUT! DONATE YOURS!. This way the slogan used here connects to the slogan used around the city!


STAGE 3 - Collaboration with PRIM

CNT launches a collaboration with the Czech watch producers, PRIM WATCHES and becomes their ambassador. PRIM WATCHES would produce a limited edition watch that would be given to the donators of bigger amounts of money as a thank you gift!



Prim Watches could not only produce limited edition watches, but would also give a percent of their profits to the Czech National Trust. In favor of them doing that, Czech national trust would give out vouchers to volunteers donating money, that would give a x% discount to their next buy at Prim Watches.