Gabrijel G. Princic



I checked how Alpine Pro presents itself through their products and through other brand visuals. I checked how their website works, how their products are presented, and what are other promotional material they use. I also checked how their competitors work, and how their brand looks like. At the end I did some research on the current Alpine Pro logo as well, how is applied and how the overall brand functions.


I started with the paper sketches, by sketching out many different ideas what the potential new logo could look like. I also wrote down a couple of main points, what Alpine pro means to me, an what branding directions I should take. I later turned this ideas into the digital form, to and played around with different shapes I have previously created by hand.


I created a couple of concepts which I liked in vector form and came up with a couple of logos that I thought would work well, at the same time I also played with different fonts.